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3 Brands of LCHF Yogurt to Try That Will Keep You Within Your Macros

On low-carb, high fat (LCHF), low-carb, and keto diets, many kinds of foods are off limits or can only be enjoyed sparingly. Fun alternatives make there way into our diet and show us new things. But other times, you just want what you want, and for some people, we are talking about yogurt here. The creamy goodness of regular yogurt has a carb count that keeps many dieters away, but here are three brands of LCHF yogurt you can dive your spoon right into!

Oikos Triple Zero

Oikos Triple Zero is a great LCHF yogurt with a good amount of protein. It will satisfy anyone looking for a yogurt that has no fat. Furthermore, Oikos Triple Zero yogurt has no sugar or artificial sweeteners added to it. This can be a great benefit when seeking to avoid sugar without sacrificing flavor! The natural sweetener that is in the yogurt is stevia, a prime alternative to sugar. This product has thirteen flavors from cherry to peanut butter banana. If you are looking for a variety of flavors you will not be disappointed. The variety that Oikos provides customers is vast. Lastly, there are many grocery stores across the United States where you can pick up Oikos Triple Zero yogurt. Fun fact: the brand Oikos is the official NFL yogurt brand. Previously sponsored by former NFL’s super bowl winner Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks, the brand has seen some serious star power.

Fage Total

Another great LCHF yogurt made by a company who’s been around since 1926: Fage Total. Providing great products for decades, Fage resides in Greece and is now the country’s largest dairy institution. Fage’s family-owned business that strives to provide great tasting yogurt. Furthermore, Fage makes sure that all of its dairy products come from 100% naturally-fed cows. This is great for individuals looking for an organic LCHF yogurt. Due to its makeup, the yogurt can be enjoyed by individuals who are lactose intolerant. Individuals who are lactose intolerant can consume this product due to how mild the product is. It truly makes for a great snack that nearly anyone can consume. Finally, this product has a good amount of protein and vitamins and can help individuals maintain a healthy gut.

White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt

Our last great LCHF yogurt, made very simply and loved by many keto dieters, is White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt. The two main ingredients of White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt are milk and live cultures, making for a natural product. White Mountain Foods is the vegetarian health food company that creates this yogurt. Owned by the Murray family, the headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. It is there where they produce a great number of other healthy food products too. White Mountain Foods offers a money back guarantee if a customer finds themselves unsatisfied with the product. Fortunately, we haven’t read about anyone who couldn’t praise this yogurt. In fact, the most critical review of the yogurt we read called it “tart”… hardly a one-star review! The yogurt’s 24-hour fermenting process makes it possible for those who are lactose intolerant to enjoy. This product is amazing yogurt for gut health due to the billions of probiotics that each package contains.

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